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Tools for Employers

There are several tools available to employers to help them educate their employees about savings bonds and TreasuryDirect, our browser-based application for buying electronic EE and I Bonds.

  • Employee Information on Electronic Payroll Savings, (PDF, 335K, Uploaded 04/19/10) – An informative brochure about electronic payroll savings with TreasuryDirect.
  • E-mails Word File, 45K, Uploaded 10/14/04 – Suggested text to use in monthly e-mail and newsletter messages about TreasuryDirect and savings bonds.
  • Articles Links to several interesting articles about U.S. Treasury securities including savings bonds and retirement, and their tax advantages. These articles can be included in your company's publications or posted on the company intranet.
  • Letters – Sample letter to employees about TreasuryDirect and savings bonds.
  • Web Page Zip File, 232K, Uploaded 10/01/04 – This zip file contains all the html and graphics files that you need to post an informative Web page about TreasuryDirect on your Intranet.

Presentations on TreasuryDirect

The following webcast provides detailed information on TreasuryDirect and TreasuryDirect payroll savings.