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The Bond Teller - Savings Bonds University to be Expanded

Two new tutorials are scheduled to be added to the Savings Bonds University this winter. Both modules, "Introduction to EZClear" and "EZClear Facsimile Procedures", deal with processing redeemed bonds. They are targeted to employees who process redemptions.

The Bureau of Public Debt hopes to keep the University fresh with new enhancements once or twice a year, and to provide as many learning opportunities for your employees as soon as possible.

More than 8,000 registered students have completed more than 60,000 courses since the University was introduced in the Fall of 2001.

You can find Savings Bond University at www.savingsbonds.gov, under "Resources for Financial Institutions." To register, simply provide your name, ABA number, zip code, and e-mail address. Once registered, you can login, start learning, and have some fun!