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Review your request to de-link a Minor account from your Primary account.

By clicking "Submit" you agree to the following:

  1. You are certifying that you have the authority to perform the de-link transaction on behalf of the Linked account number noted in the transaction.
  2. You understand the securities in the Linked account will be de-linked from your account and moved to the former minor's Primary account number you provided.
  3. You understand that it is your responsibility to provide the former minor any tax forms generated by this account. De-linking is neither a taxable event for the Primary account holder nor for the former minor.

The purchase amount of the securities you transfer, deliver as gifts, or de-link to another TreasuryDirect account holder is applied to their annual purchase limitation in the year the transaction occurs. You may purchase up to $10,000 of each security type - EE or I Bonds - per person each calendar year.

HELPFUL HINT: The minor is responsible for any taxable amount that we report on an IRS Form 1099.

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