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A Minor account is a custodial account that is linked to your Primary account, which you can establish for a child under the age of 18 if you are a parent, natural guardian, or person providing chief support. You may purchase, redeem, receive gift deliveries, and perform other transactions within the account on behalf of the minor. When the minor reaches age 18 and establishes his or her own Primary account, you may de-link the securities from the Minor account to move them to the newly established account.

Select "Use my Primary Account Information" to use the account address and contact information already supplied in your Primary account. You may provide different information if you wish. After establishing a minor account, if you wish to add any of the bank accounts listed in your Primary Account, click the Contact Us link and provide the information or call us at (844) 284-2676. If you wish to add a new bank account, go to ManageDirect and click the Update my Bank Information link for further information.

You may purchase and redeem securities, and receive gifts, on behalf of the minor. Holdings in a Minor account are kept separately from your Primary account. They can only be accessed through your Primary account.

You can even create a customized account name, such as "Ben's College Fund." If you leave the 'Give Your Account a Name' field blank, the account name will default to an abbreviated account name.

In the Submission section you certify:

HELPFUL HINT: You may provide a phone number in the Account Information section as your contact phone number for the Minor account.

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