Page Title: Account Summary for a Custom Account

What you can do on this page:

You may view your Current Securities, Gift Box, and Zero-Percent C of I totals. Click the "View a summary" link to see your most recent purchases, payments, and other activity for your Custom Account.

Use the BuyDirect® tab to purchase securities.

You may purchase up to $10,000 of each savings bond type - EE or I bonds - per person each calendar year.

The minimum purchase amount for a Marketable Security is $100 with multiples sold in the same increment. The maximum amount for a noncompetitive purchase is $5 million for each security type in a single auction.

HELPFUL HINT: Information at the top right hand corner of the page includes the personalized account name and number for the Primary and Linked account. The Primary account number acts as a text link to return you to the Primary account.

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