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The BuyDirect page lets you request the purchase of an EE or I Bond for your account, depending on the type of security chosen on the previous page. You may buy $10,000 of each savings bond security type per person each calendar year. The purchase form is divided into three sections.

Section #1: Registration Information - Select a registration from your registration list using the drop-down box. Your preferred registration appears first, then the remaining registrations appear in alphabetical order within each registration type. You can also add a new registration at this time without interrupting your purchase.

Section #2: Purchase Information - Simply enter a purchase amount to the penny and choose the source of funds (a bank or Zero-Percent C of I) you wish to use to pay for your purchase.

Section #3: Purchase Frequency - You can make a one-time purchase, up to five years in advance, or set up repeat purchases using common frequencies (e.g., monthly, bimonthly), or your own specific dates (e.g., a son's or daughter's birthday).


Just type in the purchase date(s) yourself or use our handy calendar tool to do it for you. Click on the calendar icon, then click on a date in the pop-up calendar. It's that easy!

You can also Learn more about Zero Percent C of I, and Learn more about Purchase Limitations.



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